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Monthly beach trail time trial - 2k/5k/8k

Next time  trial  -  September 23

The time trial is free but for timing purposes we need you to wear one of our race bibs. They cost just 2 euros each and you can use the same number every time you run (ie all that it costs is a one-off fee of 2euros for your number). 

The idea is to encourage runners in Cyprus to leave the tarmac and take to the trails -- whether on the beaches, in the mountains, or across the plains.

We urge runners after the run to tarry at the tavern, have a swim, relax with a drink and enjoy the company of other runners.



Contact us at 965 135 39

We are back, following a long summer break.


Join us at 9am on Saturday September 23  for our first monthly beach time trial of the season -- distances of 8km and 5km to choose from (and a 2km option for kids).

The format for the 5km and 8km races will be the same as always – runners get to test themselves against the clock over a measured route that stays constant month after month.

The 2km race will be an out and back event along the same stretch of beach but we don’t record times (we’ll just shout them out as runners cross the line)


The time trial will start and finish at the Meneou Beach Bar at  9.00 am on Saturday September 24  (register from 8.30 am).

On the day, you choose whether you want to run 2km, 5km or 8km. 

The routes are out-and-back along a course the involves running on sandy beaches, stony beaches, over mounds of seaweed, and along tracks and pathways. 

The turnaround points will be marked and an honesty system will apply -- we trust you to turn around at the marked point as we won't have enough resources to place marshalls along the route.

For the 5km and 8km runs, we will record your times when you cross the finish line. We will publish these stats, and pictures of that event, on  Facebook page Cyprus Trail Runners.

Each month, those tackling the 5km and 8km courses are invited to return to pit themselves against the clock over the same course, and see if they can better their time.

There are no refreshment stations or prizes/medals/trophies -- this is a case of you racing against the clock just for the sheer thrill of it.


Novices and children are welcome to join the races. Very young children should be accompanied by an adult.

For the smaller ones, we will provide a free

baby-sitting service so moms and dads can

run carefree and relaxed.

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