Next year's race will be held on Saturday, April 3, 2021

Akamas Blossom Trail Running Festival   

                               October 3,  2020

Entries for all races are now closed! 

New starting times:

60km ultra -- 6am

38k race --        7am

24k race    --       9am

60km race 3 pts
37km race 2 pts
24k race 1 pt
60km, 38km, and 24km  options

Welcome to the official site of the Akamas Blossom Trail Running Festival, which will be held on the new date of October 3, 2020,  in the beautiful Akamas Pensinsula, west Cyprus.


The events was to be held on March 21 but had to be postponed due the Coronavirus pandemic.

The races will all start and finish at a new venue, the Aphrodite Beach Hotel in Latchi. This will slightly increase the distances of the various races, but add to the ambience and ease of interaction with supporters at the finish line.


The 60km ultra is a tour of this beautiful protected area, taking runners to the most remote parts of the Akamas, including Fontana Amorozo, Cape Anaroutis (the western tip of Cyprus) and the lonely lighthouse on the hill.  It also takes in both coasts, north and south, of the Peninsula.

Runners wishing to cover less ground can opt for the Akamas Blossom 38km, which includes the first section of the 60km route, or the 24km race, which is  also the final section of the 60km ultra.


Due to restrictions on numbers, the 5km fun run will now take place on Sunday Oct 4, starting at the Aphrodite Beach Hotel at 9am. Registration from 7.30am

To summarise -- runners will now have the choice of the following races on October 3, 2020:

*Akamas Blossom 60k (+1600m)

3 ITRA/UTMB points

*Akamas Blossom 38k (+970m)

2 ITRA/UTMB points

*Akamas Blossom 24k (+820m)

1 ITRA/UTMB point

The 60k race sets off at 6.00am with an 11-hour cut-off and has three aid stations/checkpoints along the way (20km, 36km, 45km). The first 36km follows the 38km race course. From the 36km checkpoint, runners join the 24km race course. Note that runners must LEAVE the 36km check point by 1pm.

The final cut-off for those wanting to earn three ITRA/UTMB points for this race is 11 hours.

The 38km race starts at 7.00am and runners follow the same route as the ultra runners until they split off down the hill at the 36km mark to the finish. There will be only one aid station/checkpoint at about 20km. The cut-off for those wanting to earn two ITRA/UTMB points for this race is seven hours. However, anyone finishing after that time will still be regarded as a finisher and will receive a finisher's award.

The 24km race starts at 9am. It has one aid station, at about 10km along the route. The cut-off for those wishing to earn the one ITRA/UTMB point awarded for this race is 4h30, but anyone finishing after this time will still be regarded as a finisher and will receive a finisher's award.


For all three of the above races, prizes are awarded to the top three overall finishers as well as to the top three women finishers. All finishers receive an attractive finisher’s medal.

On Sunday, Oct 4 at 9am there will be an adventurous 5km fun run open to everyone. Prizes to be won. Junior categories. Enter on the day 

*All races start and finish at the
Aphrodite Beach Hotel
*60km Ultra starts at 6.00am
*38km race starts at 7.00am
*24km race starts at  9.00am
We thank Buff® Cyprus
       for its support

60km race -- 50

38km race -- 50

24km race -- 50


They offer cruises, boat hire, scuba diving courses, parasailing, windsurfing etc—and two of their highly-trained first responders will be on standby in case any medical issues arise during the Akamas Blossom Trail Running Festival on October 3.

They are the friendly team at Latchi Watersports Centre, situated just a few kilometres from the Aphrodite Beach Hotel, where the races start and finish.

Their medics are well-trained and will be fully-equipped.

Those making a weekend of it could well use the Sunday to take a boat ride to Blue Lagoon—that’s the area of turquoise water next to the island that all runners see on their way around the course.

For the more energetic, there is kayaking, parasailing, windsurfing etc.  AND: They are offering a 15 percent discount to runners.

They are supporting us, we urge runners to support them.

Finisher's medal

Picture  Gallery

Akamas Blossom entries completely closed!

Entries for the Akamas Blossom race on October 3 are now completely closed. No more entries, distance changes, bib transfers or private message pleadings.

Note that withdrawals after we officially closed entries on September 13 are not eligible for a refund.

It is more complicated organising an event which is legal and safe during these Covid times, so we thank runners for their understanding.

Please work with us, not against us, to help make this event possible.

Covid-19 Measures

Due to measures imposed by the Cyprus authorities to contain the pandemic, and in accordance with ITRA recommended protocols, the event will proceed as follows:

  1. Only 50 runners per race

  2. Race starts will be staggered

  3. Runners must wear masks at registration/bib collection

  4. Hand sanitiser must be used at registration and on entering a checkpoint/feed station

  5. Social distancing at all times

  6. No race briefings -- these will be written and sent to runners before race day.

  7. No general prize giving. Smaller prize givings will take place after each race finishes.

  8. Runners must not congregate at the finish line on completing their race.

Registration /
bib collection:

 Friday 2, October 2020

Collection of bibs for all races from 4pm to 9pm at the Aphrodite Beach Hotel. 

Saturday 03/10/2020

Bib collection for 60km runners only will be available at Aphrodite Beach Hotel from 5.00am until 5.30 am.


Bib collection for 38km runners will be available at Aphrodite Beach Hotel from 6.00am until 6.30 am

Bib collection for 24km runners will be available at Aphrodite Beach Hotel from  7.00am until 8.30am.


Gregoria Efthyvoulou, the genial manager of the Cyprus Aphrodite Beach Hotel, leapt at our idea of starting and finishing all the Akamas Blossom Trail Running Festival races at her hotel in 2020 -- for which we thank her.

She has offered a discount for Akamas Blossom runners -- mention the race that you have entered when making a booking to benefit from the discount.

The hotel is set in exquisite beachside surroundings and will also be the venue for bib collection, registration, and the various race briefings.


The new wing of the hotel has been completed so there is even more accommodation available this year than previously


The family-run hotel, which is renowned for its friendly and homely atmosphere, offers an array of delicious meals, including for vegetarians and vegans.

More information about and pictures of the hotel, as well as bookings,  here:


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