Sea-to-Sky Cyprus -- November 20-21, 2021

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Introducing an exciting new event on the Cyprus trail running calendar – the Sea-to-Sky, Cyprus, 130km trail ultra.

The ultra will start at midnight (Friday 19/Saturday 20) on the beach at Alaminos and then head across the hills and mountains up to the highest point on the Troodos mountain range, before dropping down to finish at the Jubilee Hotel. Total distance 130.7km, elevation gain 6230m+


The route has been tracked section by section with our brand new Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, generously provided by Garmin Cyprus. 


New kid on the block


We will offer three separate races, each with its own distinctive characteristics:

1. Sea-to-Sky Extreme. Runners cover the entire distance within a 32-hour period. We have been awarded 5 UTMB points for this race, which has also been listed as a UTMB World Series 100 miler qualifier.

The route follows pathways and tracks -- and some asphalt when it goes through picturesque mountain traditional villages.  The course is an exciting tour of rural Cyprus, taking in wheat fields, vineyards, orchards, river courses, tracks alongside dams, a pilgrimage site, historical UNESCO buildings, forests, mountain pathways and goat tracks.

It traverses four peaks: Kionia, Papoutsa, Madari and Shionistra (Mt Olympus).

2. Sea-to-Sky Hilly 54km
Starting at Palaichori and following the last 54km section of the ultra, this is a separate race that will take place on the same day as the Extreme race (November 20). Starting time is 7am with an 11-hour cut-off time.  It traverses three peaks: Papoutsa, Madari, and Shionistra (Mt Olympus). We have been awarded 3 UTMB points for this race, and it has been listed as a qualifier for the UTMB World Series 50km challenge.


3. Sea-to-Sky 'Fun Run'

This follows the last 25km of the Extreme race, starting at the Adventure Mountain Park in Kyperounda and finishing at the Jubilee hotel after cresting Shionistra (Mt Olympus). 
The elevation gain is 1,122 meters and the race includes the tough 7km climb from Platania picnic area up the E4 to the Troodos area.


Entries close on October 31, 2021.

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