Akamas Blossom  Trail Running  Festival 2021

April 1 to May 2

Due to Covid restrictions on events, the 2021 edition of the Akamas Blosssom Trail Running Festival will take a different format: runners can at any time until and including May 2 complete a self-supported course and earn themselves a medal as well as ITRA points.

The format is based on the ITRA's rules for trail races in these Covid-19 times that make it possible for runners to earn points despite restrictions on numbers.

The medals
The bag

Only a limited

number of medals and bags are available. First come, first served, according to receipt of paid entry forms.

Refund policy:  Please do not ask for 

a refund. The entry fee has been    kept to a minimum and runners have the entire month of April to do the race.

 60k -- 3 points

38k -- 2 points

24k -- 1 point 

How it works:

1. Runners register for an event of their choice: 60km, 38km, or 24km, and pay the 10 euro entry fee.

2. On registration, runners receive by email the GPX and KML files of the course, as well as a guide on how to run the event self-supported.

3. Runners should either on their own or with some running buddies head to the Akamas and run the course of their choice. This is NOT a virtual event -- runners have to cover the actual race course.

3. To qualify for ITRA points, runners must track their run on a GPX device and send us their track. The track should include total time taken, not only running time. The 60km has a time limit of 11 hours to earn 3 ITRA points, the 38km a time limit of 7 hours to earn 2 ITRA points and the 24km a time limit of 4.5 hours to earn 1 ITRA point.
It is possible to earn ITRA points and be on the final results for more than one of the race distances, but you may not run the races on the same day, or claim points for the same distance twice, or use one run to claim points for two distances eg 38km as part of the 60km.

4 The route is not marked out but we have added some markings at a couple of tricky off-piste sections and turns which should last for the month of April. Look for yellow arrows or dots (eg trail up to the lighthouse) on the 38km, and white markings for the 24km. These markings are limited so you will need to follow a GPX track to find your way.

5 At the end of April, we will compile an official list of results and submit it to the ITRA, which will then award the appropriate points.

6. We will get your medal or finisher's award and an attractive Akamas Blossom bag to those who complete one of the courses.

We have a limited number of medals only (as explained elsewhere on this page), but all those who complete a course will get a finisher's award.

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