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A strong headwind and sweltering conditions made for a tough beach time trial on Saturday, with most runners turning in slower times than normal, despite the low tide.

Achievement of the day was the smashing of the 5km record by vegan runner Chris Moss, who clipped more than two minutes off the previous best time, going under 20 minutes for a speedy time of 19:40. Chris also holds the 8km record of 32:40, which fellow vegan runner Zed Muir was on target to eclipse on Saturday but was thwarted by the strong headwind.

For his achievement, Chris was rewarded with a meal voucher donated by seafood restaurant Ocean Basket. The popular chain also donated two other meal vouchers, which were won in a lucky draw contest by Fiona Hall and Major Katalin. We thank Ocean Basket very much for their support for beach running.

Huge thank you to all the runners who turned up on Saturday -- and for creating a light, happy atmosphere that has become the hallmark of the monthly beach time trials.


1: Chris Moss 19:40 (Course record)
2: Simos Kitiris 24:48
3: Chris Christodoulou 25:18
4: David Congreve 28:12
5: Stella Efstathiou (F) 32:50
6: Marilia Loizou (F) 34:48
7: Daniela Lopez (F) 35:08
8: William Moss (J-6 years) 36:00
9: Fiona Hall (F) 39:22

1: Zed Muir 33:30
2: Marios Georgiou 37:54
3: Emil Penciak 38:26
4: Major Katalin (F) 42:21
5: John Panayiotides 42:32
6: Jo Thoma (F) 48:50
7: Maria Tsoukka (F) 55:10

Tide: low
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