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Runners taking part in our monthly beach time trial on Saturday had to contend with crowded beaches, hot and humid conditions and a prevailing headwind.

But they took these obstacles in their stride, dodging little children at play, sunbathing adults, volleyball players and newly-built sandcastles as they sped along the Meneou coastline.

No records were broken, no-one managed a PB, but the mood was light and happy, tinged however with sadness at having to say farewell to long-time Cyprus Trail Runner Antoinette Albus-Bullen, son Jack and partner John, who are moving to Amsterdam in a few days. We will miss them very much.

Our grateful thanks to popular seafood chain Ocean Basket for the donation of four meal vouchers for lucky runners whose names were drawn out of the box. 

Heat and crowds hamper beach runners



1: Sotiris Christofi 41:24
2: Mary Fry (F) 43:04
3: Salah Eddin Alshaal 48:01
4: George Kyriacou 49:44
5: Christakis Christou 49:53
6: Demetris Tasouri 54:05

1: Jan Bician 23:34
2: Nikolai Orekhov 24:29
3: Chris Christodoulou 24:57
4: Joanna Thoma (F) 29:17
5: Antoinette Albus (F) 32:07
6: George Antoniades 32:12
7: Simos Kitiris 32:13

1: Jack Bullen 13:30
2: Lisa Orekhov 14:30

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