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Record s  tumble - February 6

The four course records of the monthly Beach Trail Time Trial were all eclipsed this day, despite rainy weather and a very high tide that made for tough going along the coastal route.


In the men’s 8km race, visiting Belgian trail runner Wim Proost set a scorching pace to finish in a time of 38min51secs, breaking the existing record of 39:20, while Mary Fry, who seems to be getting speedier with every race she does, romped home in a time of 41:29, pulverising her own women’s record of 44:46.


In the process she also won a custom-made Cyprus Trail Runners Buff® multifunctional headwear for breaking the time challenge we had set of 42 minutes for the course.


In the 5km chase, Lisa Duncan, coming back to running after a lengthy layoff, finished in a time of 27:47 to shatter the previous women’s record of 30:37. In the men’s race, Chris Christodolou, hard at training for an 80km ultra, set a time of 24:38, breaking the previous record of 25:19.


Despite the gloomy weather and patches of rain, 27 hardy runners entered and finished the race, among them 10-year-old Jasmine Fowler, who finished hand-in-hand with her father Paul in a time of 46:44, improving her previous time by more than six minutes.


Thanks to all who turned up for this second in our beach time trial series and for creating such a happy festive atmosphere before, during and after the race.


Big thank you too to Philippou and his team at the Meneou Tourist Kiosk for letting us use their beach pub as a base for these events -- and for the excellent service. You guys are great!



1 Chris Christodoulou 24:38 (Men’s course record)

2 Paul Parker 25:51

3 Anastasis Gerin 27:37

4 Lisa Duncan (F) 27:47 (Women’s course record)

5 Jo Thoma (F) 27:52

6 Victoria Rayson (F) 28:10

7 Chris Papadopoulos 28:12

8 Antoinette Albus (F) 30:45

9 Heloise Fowler (F) 31:04

10 Joey Powell 31:21

11 Leigh Hobson 31:22

12 Salah Sukmiov 31:47

13 Ivana Brenta (F) 32:12

14 Maria Tsoukka (F) 32:31

15 Monika Mar (F) 33:00

16 Fiona Hall (F), Marjan Ansarian (F) 39:55

18 Jasmine Fowler (F-10), Paul Fowler 46:44

20 Flora Parker (F) 52:35



1 Wim Proost 38:51 (Men’s course record)

2 Jack Peeters 39:22

3 Sotiris Christofi 39:37

4 Nikolai Orekhov 40:06

5 Mary Fry (F) 41:29 (Women’s course record)

6 James Mackay 42:07

7 Ita Brenta (F) 55:00

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