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Saturday,  January 18, 2014


Race start: 9:00am

Registration: From 7:30am

Pre-race briefing: 8:40am


Where: Lazanias village, Machairas


Starting and finishing at Lazanias village, the Machairas run takes in 30 km of rugged single track trails, jeep tracks and goat paths in the hills around Machairas monastery.


Entry fee 10 euros


All contestants will receive a goody bag plus discount vouchers of 15% for any purchase at GET OUT outdoor store based in Nicosia. 


Click the 'ENTER NOW' button to enter. Payment taken on race day.


Entries also accepted on the day but to be sure of receiving a goody bag and finisher's award it would be advisable to pre-enter.


Compulsory gear: Reusable water bottle with capacity of 500ml/hydration pack, cellphone.


It is very important to carry sufficient water with you – on the rocky, steep terrain of mountain trails, a seemingly short distance between refreshment stations could take longer than expected.

Recommended stuff: whistle, warm top for change of weather,  copy of route, emergency food (eg nuts, raisins, dried fruit, chocolate, gels etc)


Refreshment stations:

There will be two refreshment stations/check points which runners have to pass through:  at Mantra tou Kampiou picnic site (about 12km), and the Kionia picnic site (about 24km). There will be water, coke, juice, bananas, oranges, biscuits and trail mix available at the refreshment stations. For environmental reasons, NO carry away water bottles will be provided at refreshment stations. Runners will need to fill up their reusable water bottles/hydration packs at the refreshment station from the water containers there. A strict stand and drink rule will apply for all other liquids – no cups may be carried away.


Course marking: The route will be minimally but adequately marked out with a mixture of red arrows and red and white tape. When on the E4 trail sections, follow the existing E4 markings, but some tape will be added when necessary at confusing sections. It is compulsory for ALL competitors to follow the official marked out race route and to pass through the two official checkpoints at Mantra tou Kampiou (12km) and Kionia (24km) picnic areas. A trail race is not like a road race with marshalls pointing you in the right direction every 100 metres, so you do need to keep your eyes open and your wits about you and keep looking for the course markings. If you do so, the course should be easy to follow.


Environmental policy: As trail runners we want to help look after the beautiful natural world we run in, so we aim to leave only our footprints behind.  In fact, if possible we like to leave the trails cleaner than we found them. Runners may not drop any object  of any kind on the trail during any of the races. If you have room to carry your gel, you have room to carry the empty gel packet as well!. Anything that really does need to be discarded can be put in a rubbish bag at the next refreshment station. Any runners found to have littered during any of the races will be disqualified.







Shoes: Finding the right shoes for the trails is a matter of working out what works best for you. Some run very minimalist -- even barefoot -- others use road running shoes while more and more runners are opting for specialised trail shoes that are built tougher and give a firmer grip on the rough terrain. Rather than order online and end up with an ill-fitting product, pop into GET OUT store in Nicosia to check out their La Sportiva range and get some on the spot advice about the type of shoes that may suit you best.

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