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What a bumper turnout of runners for our holiday beach trail time trial – ranging from the tiny to the towering.

A total of 18 runners tackled the 8km race, the most we have ever had for this demanding challenge which inevitably involves running through water at the headland (except when the tide is very low).

The men’s event was won by newcomer Marios Georgiou in a time of 36min23 secs, around four minutes off the record set by Chris Moss at low tide in April.

Highlight of the run was the scorching time set by Mary Fry, who seems to get faster and faster every race she enters. Mary knocked a full 2mins 2 secs off her own women’s record to record a stunning time of 39.27 -- and was rewarded with a meal voucher donated by popular seafood restaurant Ocean Basket.

The 5km race also saw a record turnout, with 21 runners setting off from the Meneou Tourist Kiosk, which is proving to be a perfect venue for our time trials.

The women’s 5km race was won by Natalie Christopher, who is in awesome form ahead of the Braveheart race in the Kyrenia range in two weeks time. Natalie, joining the time trial for the first time, clocked up a breakneck time of 24.04

The men’s chase was won by Misko Thomka in a time of 23.58, better than his own previous PB 24.30 for the race but frustratingly for him, still off the record of 23.28 held by fellow Cyprus Trail Runner Nikolai Orekhov.

A feature of this race was the duel between young boys, Charlie Rayson and Cameron Duncan. The boys sped along the out-and-back course an impressive display of young talent, with Charlie eventually edging out Cameron by two seconds. Watch these boys – they are the trail running champs of the future.

The decision to add a 2km fun run to the event proved a great success, with a procession of children seen sprinting as fast as they could up and the beach, with Jack Bullen out-running them all. We will in future events include a 2km fun run to encourage children to get out running – and enjoy running.

*We thank Ocean Basket for the donation of another two meal vouchers, which were won by Serena Tate and Peter Lapornik in the lucky draw competition.


1: Misko Thomka 23:58
2: Natalie Christopher (F) 24: 04
3: Anna Kovalenko (F) 25:07
4: Andry Vanga (F) 25:30
5: Michael Vink 27:28
6: Paul Fowler 28:22
7: Charlie Rayson (10) 29:02
8: Cameron Duncan (11) 29:04
9: Anastasis Gerin 30:34
10: Heloise Fowler (F) 30:54
11: Inha Perez (F) 31:02
12: Monika Mar (F) 31:49
13: Antoinette Albus (F) 31:52
14: Elina Pavlides (F), Maria Nicolaou (F 32:25
16: Courtney Duncan (F) 33:02
17: Sally Johnston (F) 33:21
18: Daniela Lopez (F) 36:58
19: Antonia Ntai (F) 40:45
20: Ileana (F) 40:53
21: Jasmine Fowler (F-10) 54:47









1: Marios Georgiou 36:23
2: Kypros 36:38
3: Kevin Mace 38:45
4: Sotiris Christofi 39:02
5: Mary Fry (F) 39:27 (New women’s record)
6: Janet Anderson (F) 43:03
7: Serena Tate (F) 43:44
8: George Kyriacou 43:58
9: Nikolai Orekhov 44:35
10: Panagiotis Ntais 45:25
11: Lucas Anastassiou 46:10
12: Victoria Rayson (F) 46:23
13: Lisa Duncan (F) 46:49
14: Jo Thoma (F) 47:13
15: Peter Lapornik 47:55
16: Steve Rudd 49:37
17: Maria Tsoukka (F) 59:25
18: Marjan Ansarian (F) 59:58

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