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Akamas Blossom 2021 (self-supported edition) Full Results

Corona forced us to have a different type of Akamas Blossom event this year, but we did it, despite the constantly changing rules and regulations which made it difficult for many runners to even get to the Akamas.

We are so proud of all the runners who tackled this challenge which demanded a new set of skills for many. Runners had to learn to navigate using their phones/watches (plus some common sense) and had to be much more independent and self-sufficient out there, with very little or no support during the run.

Despite the additional challenges, there were some really fast times -- James Ashworth broke both the 60km and 24km course records. There were also some advantages to this race format -- some runners repeated the run with better course knowledge to improve their times, and some were able to do all 3 races! Bravo Elena Nikolenko and Marina Melvin!

We were delighted to see that most runners were able to navigate very well, with most following the routes successfully with just a few deviations which were soon corrected. (At least we don't think there is still someone out there...) The format also meant runners had to get together and support each other along the way -- it was beautiful to see this in action in our trail running community. So, thank you all who supported this event -- we think our Cyprus Trail Runners are amazing.


1 James Ashworth (M) (UK) 5:48:00 – New course record

2 Viktor Olov Leonidou (M) (CYP), Andreas Djiakouris (M) (CYP) 6:07:16

4 Marios Genakritis (M) (CYP) 6:48:17

5 Stuart Service (M) (UK) 6:10:00

6 Andraz Renko (M) (SLO) 7:26:31

7 Craig Hillary (UK) 7:29:30

8 Michalis Tziakouris (M) (CYP) 9:05:02

9 Tasos Atalialis (M) (CYP) 9:07:16

10 Christos Afxentiou (M) (CYP), Lazaros Sofokleous (M) (CYP 9:08:32

12 Adam Richardson (M) (UK) 9:08:41

13 Ross Thomas (M) (UK) 9:08:59

14 Christopher Postlethwaite (M) (UK) 9:26:16

15 Alice Lovell (F) (UK) 9:26:16

16 Elena Nikolenko (F) (CYP) 10:11:53

17 Angelos Savvas (M) (CYP) 10:26:43

18 Simos Kitiris (M) (CYP) 10:32:11

19 Marina Melvin (F) (RUS) 10:58:21

20 Darrell Jones (M) (UK) 12:02:08

21 Victor Iordanous (M) (CYP) 12:02:08

22 Adam Godfrey (M) (UK) 12:38:00


1 Marios Genakritis (M) (CYP) 3:48:49

2 Aleksei Khoklov (M) (RUS) 4:06:30

3 Benjamin Grainger (M) (UK) 4:31:16

4 Nicholas Ross (M) (UK) 4:31:58

5 Kai Beeston (M) (UK) 4:47:29

6 Stefanos Fattas (M) (CYP) 4:52:40

7 Giorgos Batis (M) (CYP), Konstantinos Natsiopoulos (M) (CYP) 4:52:40

9 Antonis Kakoullis (M) (CYP) 5:26:13

10 Nick Liddle (M) (UK) 5:36:15

11 Panayiota Koumourou (F) (CYP) 6:12:49

12 Victor Iordanous (M) (CYP) 6:19:11

13 Elena Nikolenko (F) (CYP) 6:21:15

14 Marina Melvin (F) (RUS) 6:28:54

15 Orestis Papapetrou (M) (CYP), Konstantinos Agkastiniotis (M) (CYP) 7:13:51



1 James Ashworth (M) (UK) 2:07:01- new course record

2 Mike Simpson (M) (UK) 2:49:25

3 Fabio Grassi (M) (UK) 2:56:00

4 Nikolai Orekhov (M) (RUS) 3:52:16

5 Omiros Antoniou (M) (CYP), Guivara Chicko (M) (CYP) 4:15:57

7 Elena Nikolenko (F) (CYP) 4:26:44

8 Efi Andreou (F) (CYP), Sofia Andreou (F) (CYP) 5:05:41

10, Marina Melvin (F) (RUS), Slava Koval (F-16) (RUS) 5:20:10

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