WHEN: July 19, 2020

VENUE: All races will start and finish at Enalia restaurant in the Journalists’ Village holiday complex, Pervolia https://www.facebook.com/enalia1993/

START TIMES: 5am for the marathon, 7am for the half-marathon, 7.30am for the 5k.


Due   to  the limitations    imposed

by the Cypriot  authorities, we are obliged to restrict the  overall number of runners attending this event.

Please  pre-enter here:




With the further lifting of restrictions in Cyprus in July, allowing for outdoor gatherings of up to 150 people, we have decided to go ahead with our Mid-summer Madness off- road coastal races on Sunday, July 19, 2020.

The event will include a marathon, half-marathon, and 5km race.

Due to the uncertainties associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, however, we will NOT be ordering finishers' awards/medals, although there will be prizes for the leading runners.

For the same reason, we are keeping entry fees to a minimum and will only take payment on race day.   


As a reward for braving the heat, all finishers will receive a voucher for a free drink from the restaurant (cold beer, tea, coffee, soda, or bottle of water).

There will also be a number of spot prizes which all runners stand a chance of winning.


To help runners keep their cool on what could be a warm day, aid stations will be stocked with plenty of water to drink or to splash over the face and body, as well as with Coke, juices and fresh fruit, including watermelons.

With the sea just metres away for most of the race, runners are welcome to plunge in at any time for a quick, cooling dip.

This is a no-frills, back-to-basics race, with the emphasis being on celebrating mid-summer with a festive run along one of the least-developed, most runnable stretches of coast in Cyprus.

Please note that these races do NOT involve running on soft beach sand. The route is mostly along jeep tracks, with short stretches of tarmac and hard sand.

Also note that there is no cut-off time for any of the races, although those arriving at the finish line after sunset may find the organisers have left :)


Entry fees (to be paid at registration on race day):

Marathon: 15 euros

Half-marathon: 10 euros

5km: 5 euros


Registration for all races will take place at Enalia Restaurant in Pervolia. See map on their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/enalia1993/

Registration times are as follows:

Saturday, July 18th

All races -- 6pm to 8pm

Sunday, 19th
Marathon -- from 4am (race starts at 5am)
Half-marathon -- from 6am (race starts at 7am)
5k race -- from 6.30am (race starts at 7.30am)



The longer races skirt Pervolia village and then follow tracks that run next to the sea on the one side and farmlands on the other, past the kite surfing beaches to Caretta Beach Bar, where runners doing the half marathon will turn around and head back to the finish at the Enalia Restaurant..

Those doing the marathon will continue after Caretta along the coastal tracks, past Mazotos Beach, above the cliffs near Alaminos, and down to the harbour, where there will be a checkpoint/aid station.

Runners then proceed past Aldiana Club and on and on to the point where the beach ends and, due to a huge rock blocking the way, it is impossible to proceed. Here there will be a box with tokens that each runner need to collect before turning around and following the same route back to the Enalia restaurant.

The 5k race will be an out-and-back race along the coast.




Aid stations offering water, Coke, fruit juice, watermelon, and oranges will be situated at the 5k and 13k points for the half-marathoners and at the 5k, 13k, 23k and 33k points for the marathoners.

DIY water-only points will also be set up at the 18k and 28k points for the marathon runners.

A water point will also be set up 3km from the end to give marathon and half-marathon runners a boost to help them to the finish line.

There will be NO aid station for the 5k runners but a free drink will be provided at the finish.


There will be a checkpoint for all runners at the 2.5k mark.

For the 21k race, there will also be checkpoints at the 5k and 13k marks, and for the marathon runners at the 5k, 13k, 23k, and 33k marks.

Runners who miss the checkpoints will either be disqualified or given a time penalty, depending on the circumstances.



Winners of the three races (female and male) will each receive prizes.

Finishers of all races will receive a voucher that entitles them to a free drink from the restaurant (small beer, tea, coffee, soda, or water). 

There will be a number of spot prizes which all runners stand a chance of winning.

To ensure that our events comply with the strict hygiene protocols laid down by the authorities to combat the coronavirus pandemic, we will enforce the following measures at our trail races:

1. At registration/bib collection, runners will be required to maintain social distancing and use the hand sanitizers that will be made available.

2. To avoid the usual crush at the start of each race, we will ask runners to voluntary seed themselves into rows of 10.

3. At all checkpoints, it is COMPULSORY for runners to use hand sanitizer before touching any of the foodstuffs available. Water bottles can be refilled via the tap at the bottom of the water container, which will be regularly disinfected by checkpoint volunteers.

Coke will be poured by checkpoint staff into small disposable paper cups, which runners must place in the appropriate receptacles after they have finished drinking. Please do not pick up a Coke bottle and pour your own drink – ask a checkpoint volunteer to do this for you.

 Anyone found drinking directly from a Coke bottle will be instantly disqualified.

4. At the DIY aid stations, please disinfect your hands before touching the water and Coke bottles. Use a wipe (provided) to clean the bottle after you have poured your drink. If you use a paper cup, please dispose of it in the garbage bag.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Enalia restaurant

Situated at the heart of the Journalists’ Village above Faros Beach, the Enalia restaurant offers all-day full English breakfasts for just 6 euros a head, with vegan and vegetarian options.

The restaurant also sells a variety of other foods and drinks, including beer.


We encourage runners to stay after the race and enjoy the food and hospitality of owners Kyriakos and Fotini,  and the beauty of the restaurant, which offers tables in the garden and in the cool shade of the trees.

See it here: 


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