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Run, Swim, Beer!
June/July 2023


In line with our new focus on social runs instead of races, the Midsummer Madness will in future  be a fun social run instead of a race. A hot run, followed by a cooling down swim in the sea and a cold beer with friends. What could be better? This hot summer run will take place in June/July 2023 from the runner-friendly Enalia restaurant-- date and time to be finalised.

Watch this space!

midusmmer madness3.jpg

The Venue - Enalia restaurant

Situated at the heart of the Journalists’ Village above Faros Beach, the Enalia restaurant offers all-day full English breakfasts for just 6 euros a head, with vegan and vegetarian options.

This runner-friendly restaurant also sells a variety of other foods and drinks, including beer.

We encourage runners to stay after the run and enjoy the company of fellow runners, and the food and hospitality of owners Kyriakos and Fotini,  and the beauty of the restaurant, which offers tables in the garden and in the cool shade of the trees.

See it here:

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